Volkswagen Virtual Experience

Direct from the showroom floor, Volkswagen presents four immersive virtual experiences utilizing equipment of the highest technology and surprising image quality. Learn about each of these experiences and make sure you check them out at the event.


Using virtual reality and 4D cinema, visitors are transported into the car manufacturers universe. Starting with a tour exploring the birth of it’s cars, continuing through Volkswagen’s iconic headquarters in Germany – Autostadt, and on through some of the pillars of the brand, with a a special surprise at the end. The experience provides a fun and entertaining journey through which the visitor is given a small taste of proximity to a brand inspired by their own life!

TSI Extreme

The TSI engine is synonymous with power and technology. And it was for this reason that Volkswagen decided to showcase all of its performance through this immersive experience.

Using virtual reality googles within a powerful movement simulator, the visitor is ‘miniaturized’for a journey through the engine itself. There could only be one outcome – an explosive adventure that will really get inside the visitor’s head.

Desafio Cross

The New Saveiro Cross is so beautiful that you’re going to want to see it up close. But for that, you’ll need to prove that you have and adventurous spirit, just like that of the pickup. In this experience, the visitor is transported to the highest point of a canyon, where a falcon has stolen the car keys. The task is simple: get to the bird at the end of a narrow bridge and retrieve the keys… 40 meters above the canyon floor. Are you up for the challenge?


From the VIP area of Volksvagen’s stand at the showroom, the visitor can experience the performance of the up!TSI in a unique way: a digital concierge presents the very best of the car though sophisticated holograms of the up!TSI. To achieve this, the most modern mixed reality equipment has been utilized – the HoloLens. This experience will completely change your perception of thecnology.

Stills & Concept Art

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Executive Producers
André Sernaglia, Eliza Flores
Creative Direction
Luiz Evandro, André Sernaglia, Davi Maine
Content and Account Management
Patrizia Fanganielo
Live Marketing Management
Priscilla Araujo
3D Development
Luiz Pitondo Junior, Hugo Perticaratti, Akira Habu, Daniel Ueno, Leandro Alves, Ken Ichi, Raquel Fernandes, Raul Tabajara Alceu Baptistão, Marcos Smirkoff, Thiago Peretto, Alexandre Barbosa
Post Production
Davi Maine, Rafael Martinelli, Fabio Meira, Danilo Atanazio, Rogerio Taffo, Humberto Gava, Ivan Franco
Technology and Development
Luiz Liscia, Eduardo Bellotto, Igor Pereira, Rodolfo Calabrezi, Paolo La Rosa
Sound Design
RAW Audio