Working with VR is a natural consequence of the merging between innovation and creativity that’s been a guiding principle of Lobo since the beginning. More than just another form of 360º media, the true VR experience involves the latest technology combined with the best storytelling, design and animation. In addition to its expertise in visual creation, Lobo has a team of technology specialists who can handle any challenging innovation.

We developed an AR app for Faber-Castell that recognized the color of the brand’s colored pencils and transformed each one into a 3D animal from the Brazilian fauna. The creatures would then come alive with the color treatment the child wanted.

During the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Apple and Beats By Dre got together with Lobo to promote a live media stunt where more than 1,000 athletes from 90 different countries were photographed in the course of 18 days. Each picture was customized individually and published on social media, resulting in thousands of shares during the event.

Since 2016 we have been taking care of the Volkswagen Auto Show in Sao Paulo designing and producing  all their VR experiences (based on Gear 360, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive equipment) and an AR retail project (using Microsoft Hololens). 

In 2018 we worked together once more with the Agency David this time with  Burger King on an AR application that had a huge success and won several awards. 

Furthermore we have two AR projects in 2019 for Volvo and Kopenhagen and just released in 2020 a whole new AR educational platform for Fazenda Bauducco.

Finally we worked on Baden-Baden producing 4×360º roughly 4 mn each all rendered using Unity Real Time Engine and in November we developed for the Comic-con Experience 2020 their 3D homepage for the online event also using real time rendering done on the browser using WebGL technology.