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Scott’s “The Best of the Sea”

Lobo was invited by Grey Singapore to take over and continue the beautiful “Best of the Sea” campaign for GSKs Scott’s DHA Gummies. How do you select the Best of the Sea? Creating a contest where the characters can show their talent! A whole new and fantastic underwater world was created together with an unique Scott’s Talent Show. Developed entirely in 3D using Redshift rendering engine, Scott’s DHA Gummies 2.0 is literally an eye candy spot filled with music and special talents.

Colgate “Natural Extracts”

Felipe Machado and Tiago Marcondes, a.k.a. the Alton duo, directed this series of spots for Colgate’s new Natural Extracts line of toothpastes.

Inspired by traditional Asian dental hygiene methods, the product incorporates natural ingredients like sea salt, charcoal and essential lemon oils in their composition.

Because of this emphasis on the natural, additive-free aspects of the product the campaign adopted a handcrafted, DIY look and feel. The visual elements were animated frame-by-frame by hand, including the packshot and tagline, with as little digital post-production as possible.

Chobani “FlipLand”

Chobani is an American yogurt brand that revolutionized the segment by popularizing the Greek-style variant of the product. To promote their line of mix-in yogurt snacks, called Flip, Chobani’s creative department invited Lobo to create a series of spots that illustrated the concept of “FlipLand”: a fantastic, whimsical world into which people in ordinary situations are magically transported when they open up a Flip. But instead of being carried away to a different place, it’s their own environment that’s transformed into FlipLand: a conventional kitchen becomes a sun-drenched farm; a humdrum office turns into a dazzling circus; and a bland refrigerator opens up to reveal a lively miniature landscape in every shelf.

The concepts of “natural” and “wholesome” are of greatest importance to the brand. That’s why we followed a creative direction that privileged craft production techniques over flashy digital effects in order to bring FlipLand to life. Scale models, scenic props, stop motion animation and other similar resources were employed to give the spots a tangible, handmade look and a surrealistic yet accessible, welcoming feel.

ISA “The Exchange”

The Socioambiental Institute (ISA) is a Brazilian NGO that since 1994 has been proposing solutions to social and environmental issues, with focus on the protection of natural resources and the rights of indigenous populations.

This film was produced for the launch of ISA’s newest campaign, a petition to help stop a proposed amendment to the Brazilian Constitution that transfers the responsibility of legal demarcation of indigenous lands from the Executive to the Legislative branch of the government.

Created with a visually striking, stylized look, the animation titled “The Exchange” presents this proposition as the latest in a long series of transactions between European settlers and Brazil’s indigenous peoples where the latter got the short end of the stick, losing their culture, resources and even their lives.

“Les Créations”

In an age when most of our time is spent dealing with the digital world, more and more people have convinced themselves that they don’t have any talent or inclination for handiwork. However, most of them have once been able to create amazing things with their hands, especially when they were kids. Those simple, ingenious, sometimes garish creations – puppets, clay sculptures, picture frames, collages – might even be still stashed somewhere in their attics or on top of closet cabinets, waiting to be rediscovered along with their maker’s own creative instincts.

That’s what happens in this endearingly funny, inspirational film by Lobo. It shows a host of amateurish handmade artifacts coming to life in a dusty attic, climbing out of cardboard boxes and down from shelves to deliver an important message: the person who created them is still capable of accomplishing a lot by hand, even if they forgot they once had that potential. Repainting the guest room, redoing a bathroom or at least hanging a framed picture: everyone is capable of such things, as long as they reconnect with that creative drive they once had in spades.

To emphasize the do-it-yourself message of the film, we wanted to give the animation a tactile, handmade look. That’s why we produced it with a mix of live action and CG: the environment is a real set built in our studio, while the animated characters were digitally generated, with a realistic finish that portrays the authentic textures of their materials – wool, cloth, plastic, wood etc. Those two widely diverse footage sources were then mixed together in a perfectly seamless way, with the CG elements conforming to all aspects of the live action shoot, such as lighting, film stock and camera moves.

Unfortunately, this film was never aired. It was part of a campaign that was suspended by the client before launch, Nonetheless, we were so captivated by its adorable cast of characters and its positive message – not to mention proud of our technical accomplishment – that we decided to publish it ourselves (without the original branding, of course), in hopes that it might inspire a wider audience to reconnect with their resourceful side.

SOS Mata Atlântica ” Three little Pigs”

After the innovative campaign “The Forest Is Our Home”, featuring a 360º VR film, DPZ&T agency and Lobo/Vetor Zero once again join forces with Brazilian NGO SOS Mata Atlântica to send out a powerful message for environmental protection.

This new film uses as a starting point the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs, imagining what would have happened after the defeat of the Big Bad Wolf. Once word got out that the brick house could withstand the huffs, puffs and blows of the fearsome predator, every animal in the forest began coveting a similar residence in order to live in safety. The Pigs sniff a great business opportunity and start selling brick house after brick house, with the forest being cut down and replaced with a huge grey, dirty city in the process.

The Wolf, in the meantime, exiled himself at a self-sustaining ranch in what little was left of the woods, along with a tapir and a piping guan. When the smog reaches their pastoral retreat the three friends decide to go to the city, taking their music and the magical seeds that will bring the green back to the place. This shows the other animals that it’s possible to combine the comforts of urban life with respect for the environment.

Directed by Guilherme Marcondes, this musical fable about second chances and group effort is told through 3 minutes of digital 2D animation, with the irresistible flavor of 1930s cartoons.