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Johnnie Walker “Striding Man 110”

Few brands in the world have an icon as famous and recognizable as Johnnie Walker. The “Striding Man”, as the dashing gentleman is known, was created by cartoonist Tom Browne in 1908 and has embellished the whiskey’s bottles and advertisements ever since.

To celebrate the character’s 110th birthday agency CP+B Brazil launched a campaign that includes, among other activations, a limited edition of 5 collectible bottle packagings. Each  references a specific year in Johnnie Walker’s history, and is decorated with an illustration that’s reminiscent of the era: 1908, inspired by Art Nouveau; 1929, with an oil painting finish; 1970, referencing Pop Art; 1996, combining analog video textures with digital artifacts; and 2018, displaying a clean, minimalistic design.

Vetor Zero/Lobo was invited to create an animated film showing Striding Man’s journey through those 5 periods, giving life and movement to the backgrounds and reinforcing the stylistic references from each epoch. To that end, we used various render styles and visual textures, as well as a soundtrack whose arrangement changes at each transition, covering traditional Scottish music, 1920s jazz, ‘70s rock, electronica etc. The animation was produced in 3D CG, projecting onto the models the 2D artwork created for the campaign.

Come back “Pinheiros”

Until de mid-1930s the Pinheiros river was one of the main public leisure spaces in the city of São Paulo, a place where citizens could swim, fish, ride boats and take part in rowing competitions.

Today, despite rolling through the most affluent areas of the city, bordered by big multinational corporate buildings and commuter railways and avenues that transport thousands of people every day, the river has literally become an open-air sewage drain.

After successive administrations launched one fruitless clean-up program after another, a group of advertising professionals decided to set up a campaign called #VoltaPinheiros (“come back Pinheiros”). The idea is to call the attention of society, the private sector and the government, in order to draw up a plan to bring the river back to life.

To help publicize the initiative, Lobo was invited to produce a 90-second animated film. Built almost entirely out of recycled materials and animated by hand in real time, the movie portrays the utter assault on the senses – especially the sense of smell – that the current condition of the Pinheiros inflicts on the townspeople that move around its surroundings. The theme song’s humorous tone and the colorful visual style don’t hide the seriousness of the subject matter, on the contrary: this apparent lightness emphasizes even more the absurdity of the situation, besides making it easier for the message to reach the largest possible audience.

Scott’s “The Best of the Sea”

Lobo was invited by Grey Singapore to take over and continue the beautiful “Best of the Sea” campaign for GSKs Scott’s DHA Gummies. How do you select the Best of the Sea? Creating a contest where the characters can show their talent! A whole new and fantastic underwater world was created together with an unique Scott’s Talent Show. Developed entirely in 3D using Redshift rendering engine, Scott’s DHA Gummies 2.0 is literally an eye candy spot filled with music and special talents.

MPT “A helping hand”

“A helping hand” is a film commissioned by Ministerio Publico do Trabalho where we follow Toby, a youngster who used to collect rubbish in order to help his family financially. One day he started to ‘help out’ at the local factory and management loved how he showed his effort… but that came with a huge price: Toby’s energy and time to study and play. Crafted entirely with CG but with a handcraft look & feel. LOBO was invited to create this hand-made universe made entirely in CG. Our directors wanted it to have a handmade, crafty look and feel to resonate with the worlds and situations of the characters.

Colgate “Natural Extracts”

Felipe Machado and Tiago Marcondes, a.k.a. the Alton duo, directed this series of spots for Colgate’s new Natural Extracts line of toothpastes.

Inspired by traditional Asian dental hygiene methods, the product incorporates natural ingredients like sea salt, charcoal and essential lemon oils in their composition.

Because of this emphasis on the natural, additive-free aspects of the product the campaign adopted a handcrafted, DIY look and feel. The visual elements were animated frame-by-frame by hand, including the packshot and tagline, with as little digital post-production as possible.

ISA “The Exchange”

The Socioambiental Institute (ISA) is a Brazilian NGO that since 1994 has been proposing solutions to social and environmental issues, with focus on the protection of natural resources and the rights of indigenous populations.

This film was produced for the launch of ISA’s newest campaign, a petition to help stop a proposed amendment to the Brazilian Constitution that transfers the responsibility of legal demarcation of indigenous lands from the Executive to the Legislative branch of the government.

Created with a visually striking, stylized look, the animation titled “The Exchange” presents this proposition as the latest in a long series of transactions between European settlers and Brazil’s indigenous peoples where the latter got the short end of the stick, losing their culture, resources and even their lives.